All the blocks below are from the same piece of fabric showing the variety of kaleidoscope patterns attainable.

Sew therapeutic

Kaleidoscope & Foundation Piecing

Code: SD-4

Dates & Times:   flexible to suit.
Skill Level – sew advanced.
Confident using a sewing machine and completed a few projects.

Have you ever wanted to make a kaleidoscope quilting project?

In this class you will learn the method of stack and whack for cutting identical kaleidoscope pieces; a technique that makes it easy to put this popular quilt together in no time at all.  It includes:

  1. how to select suitable fabric
  2. how to use mirrors to decide best pattern.
  3. how to layer and cut fabric correctly. 
  4. sewing pieces together.

Equipment & Tools Required:
sewing machine and quilting tools
fabric of choice 

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