Sew therapeutic

Introduction To The Embellisher

Code: SE-5

Dates & Times:   flexible to suit.
Skill Level – sew easy.
Some knowledge of sewing.

What Is An Embellisher?
Unlike the sewing machine which uses a bobbin and thread to stitch pieces of fabric together, the embellisher instead uses sharp barbed needles to punch through and catch fibres that mesh together to create new textured materials.  By blending fabrics in this way, some beautiful effects can be created and added to any project.

In this class you will learn:
  1. embellisher parts
  2. setting up
  3. health & saftey – finger guard
  4. changing barb needles
  5. suitable materials/fabrics
  6. embellisheing with yarns & ribbons
  7. first project – coasters

What’s included:
materials and equipment when requested

Equipment & Tools Required:
embellisher machine (equipment available to hire for £5.00

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